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You won’t believe what the popular pretzel’s shape symbolizes!

The beginning of The Pretzel is not very clear. Historians think that it was made in 610 AD by monks in a monastery in southern France or northern Italy. They used leftover dough from making bread to make strips that looked like a child’s arms folded in prayer.

The three empty holes stood for the Christian concept of the Holy Trinity. The monks gave these treats to the kids who had learned their prayers by heart. The monks gave it the name Petriola, which in Latin means “Little Reward.”

It was also known as Brachiola in Italy, which means “little arms.” The Pretiola or Brachiola finally crossed the Alps and became known as the Bretzel or Pretzel in Austria and Germany.

The shape of a pretzel became part of the society not only as a reward but also as a sign of good luck and wealth. At Easter, hard-boiled eggs were served with pretzels, which were then buried on farms. People think that this was the beginning of the Easter egg hunt we know today. In Europe, a new custom began in which the bride and groom pulled on a pretzel like a wishbone to wish each other luck. So, we say “Tying the Knot.”

People thought that the Mayflower brought the pretzel recipe to the United States. People thought that the farmers made them and sold them to the Indians, who really liked them. The hard pretzel was found by chance in Pennsylvania in the 1600s. When a baker’s helper fell asleep tending pretzels baking .

When he woke up, the fire was out. He thought the pretzels were not done enough, so he started the fire back up. When the master baker came to check on the batch, he thought it was ruined.As he was about to throw them away, he tried one and found that the crispy form was not only tasty but would also last longer to sell.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was the place where the first professional pretzel bakery opened. In 1935, in Reading, Pennsylvania, the first machine to automatically twist pretzels was made. In 1997, Boyer added the Triple Twist Pretzel to its line of goods.