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Rick Rubin: “I know absolutely nothing about music”

Johnny Cash collaborations. Everyone believes he has extensive musical knowledge. He asserts confidently that this is not the case. While discussing Rubin’s skills on 60 Minutes, presenter Anderson Cooper asked him if he could play an instrument.

“Barely,” he declares. He then inquires if he knows how to operate an audio mixer, to which he responds, “No, and I don’t know how.” ”

I have no technical skills or musical knowledge.” Rubin responds to the host’s insistence that he knows something by stating that he “knows what he loves “ and what he doesn’t like,” and that musicians pay him for his confidence in his personal taste and ability to articulate what he wants. feels.

Before the interview, Rubin invites Cooper to meditate with him, and Cooper asks him about the function of meditation in his creative process. “It removes impediments.” Rubin states, “Impediments can cause problems when they are in close proximity to creative energy.”

If he does not spare himself, he spares the audience even less, claiming that they are irrelevant, that he does not know what he wants, and that they are in last place. “She understands only what has already occurred, not what will occur in the future.” Rubin disagrees with the notion that the focus of the music industry is pleasing the public.

According to him, the producer’s role is not limited to merely recording the musicians, but also to guide them in the correct direction.

This involves paying careful attention, expressing opinions on the subject, and fostering an environment conducive to the musician’s creative development.