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Good to know: At what age do women cheat, and at what age do men?

There are marriages that endure for many years, but none is considered ideal, as many people say; they all have their highs and lows.

Historical data indicates that 22% of men and 14% of women have engaged in extramarital affairs at least once in their lifetime; it appears that attitudes are evolving over time.

A recent survey conducted by Fraternal Statisticians suggests that 9% of men and 25% of women may seek companionship outside their marriage to fulfill their needs.

Currently, women are displaying a higher tendency towards infidelity, more so than a few years ago and even more than men. Women, especially in their thirties, seem to be particularly inclined to cheat.

The survey carried out by the dating platform is representative of Germany. Nearly 5,600 individuals, including survey participants and those already in relationships, were surveyed regarding their loyalty behaviors.

The findings revealed that, notably, women were more likely to be unfaithful in 2020 compared to eight years ago when similar research was conducted by elite partners. In the current study, almost one in three women (31%) admitted to being unfaithful in a committed relationship.

In 2012, the figure was only around one in five (19%). The majority of infidelity cases among women occur in their thirties.

During this life stage, 39% of women have admitted to cheating on their partners. Women aged 30 and men between 60 and 69 tend to have the highest likelihood of cheating. These findings stem from a comprehensive study conducted on the Elitepartner platform in Germany.