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Macedonian President Pendarovski awards Recognition to diaspora representatives

Sophie and Mitre Kutanovski are the inaugural recipients of the Recognition awarded by President Stevo Penarovski to diaspora representatives.

According to a press release from the President’s Office, Kutanovski is being honored for his role in stimulating the economic development of Radozhda village and the surrounding region, for continuing the “Atanas Bliznakoff” programme, and for providing scholarships to hundreds of students from vulnerable groups.

Under the supervision of the President, Macedonia 2025 – Macedonia establishes the Recognition. It recognizes illustrious individuals from the diaspora for their contribution to the preservation and promotion of Macedonian historical, cultural, and spiritual traditions and values, as well as the enhancement of state capacities both domestically and internationally.

“This recognition validates the contribution of diaspora representatives who have significantly contributed to the economic and societal development, education, academic-research activities, volunteering, culture, and art in the Republic of North Macedonia, either individually or through their organizations.

This is a remarkable initiative that will strengthen ties between the Macedonian diaspora and the motherland, and I am honored to be the patron of this recognition,” President Pendarovski said on Tuesday.

The President hoped that the recognition would serve as a further incentive for Macedonian diaspora members to continue to maintain ties with their homeland and actively contribute to its development and progress.

“Macedonians who reside in the United States are aware of the numerous prejudices and exaggerated expectations regarding the diaspora’s role in the country’s development. We are also aware of the prejudices that exist among Macedonians in the diaspora regarding the behavior and expectations of their countrymen.

Therefore, organizations such as “Macedonia 2025” play a crucial role. In addition to bringing people together, it provides training and modules for mutual cooperation among Macedonians wherever they may be, as Pendarovski emphasized.

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